Lonche is a family owned brand today driven by Ivan Dobaj.

Story goes back to 1995 when Mexican restaurant called Takos opened their doors for the first time.

As one of the first Mexican restaurants in the Balkan region, they overcame the competition with authentic food and original drinks from Mexico. They quickly became a local favourite.

It wasn’t long after that the second Takos opened their doors.

Throughout the history when Takos was evolving and family business was growing, it was finally Ivan’s turn to take over the company.

His passion for great food set the stage for perfecting the restaurant and improving the costumer experience.

Once that was done he still had one thing going on in his mind. It was an idea he was dreaming about for a long time.

Because of his business background he knew he can make it real. It was an idea of a Tex-Mex street food franchise.

He gathered the team together and Lonche was brought to life to bring the best food inspired by American and Mexican cuisine.

Ivan Dobaj

Founder | Lonche Brand

"Our unique
dining experience
includes serving
fresh and tasty
food right in to
customers hands."