Our franchise development team guides you through becoming a
successful franchisee by offering support with site selection, training
and marketing. We are constantly developing new ideas and unique
flavours so your business can grow and develop to its full potential.

Site Selection

There are many things that must be considered as you look for a location. That is why we are here to assist you in locating a site for your Lonche. You will work closely with our Site Selection team, when you’ll be searching for the best spot for your Lonche. We will review your site choices and help you make an evaluation based on site characteristics, market area and access.

Marketing support

Our mission is to create top-of-mind awareness while building the brand
image and increasing sales in each of the communities we serve. Our franchisees will be provided with support in local marketing,
with the aim of developing good will in the local market. You will be able to take advantage of our support and our expertise in these domains:

• Digital marketing,
• table cards and promotional materials,
• local store marketing programs,
• print programs,
• promotions and point of purchase
• social media guidelines,
• professional food photography.


We understand the value of consistent and comprehensive training standards. We have developed a training system that provides our franchisees with the knowledge and skills to operate a profitable business. We also have developed training programs for your employees that cover all aspects of operating your restaurant from food preparation techniques to service standards.